Chainmaille is an ancient art of weaving or linking together metal rings to create chain or a mesh (maille). These patterns or weaves can be woven from a variety of wire and ring sizes, and fashioned into unique designs. If you are interested in commissioning a special piece, contact Ann to discuss a design and stones that will be uniquely you!

History of Chainmaille

Chain maille is the technique of linking or weaving rings (traditionally metal) to create armor and decorative items such as jewelry. The word maille is French and literally means mesh.

Other common spellings include: chain mail, chainmail or maille. However, chain mail and chainmail have been confused with chain letters sent in the mail. Therefore, chain maille and maille tend to be the preferred forms. The origins of maille armor, dating back to 400 B.C.E., are usually attributed to the Celts—whose metalworking skills were highly recognized. However, earlier examples of maille exist in the jewelry techniques of the ancient world, including the Ancient Egyptian, Etruscan, and Viking civilizations.

Much of contemporary maille jewelry is created with the technique of butted maille which requires neither solder nor glues. The ends of rings are closed (or butted together) with pliers.