Caring for Precious Metal, Chainmaille and Wire Jewelry
Proper care of your jewelry made with precious metal wire & chainmaille techniques is essential.
In the process of butted maille and wireworking, glue is never applied and solder is used only rarely for structural stability. Therefore pieces created from these techniques can be more fragile than traditionally manufactured jewelry.


  • Jewelry is always the last on and the first off!
  • Put cosmetics and perfume on before all jewelry
  • Take off jewelry before trying on or changing clothes
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight—this can tarnish metals and fade many colored stones
  • Avoid cotton or wool for storage
  • Store each piece individually, well padded and away from other pieces to avoid damage
  • Store silver pieces in a Ziploc® bag—adding an anti-tarnish tab inside the bag can help prevent tarnishing or discoloration

Cleaning Options:

  • Soak jewelry in a grease cutting detergent such as Dawn and water.
  • Brush gently with a soft toothbrush to remove residue and dirt.
  • Use a polishing cloth such as a Sunshine® cloth or cloth with jeweler’s rouge on the metal only—abrasives can damage stones and pearls.
  • Other options include ultrasonic cleaners and tumblers

Treat your piece well and it will last through millennia, just st like the ancient techniques that created it!